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MEMBER Testimonials

At CrossFit 253, we believe success comes in many forms. No matter your goal, we’re with you every step of the way. We love seeing our members achieve things they never thought possible. Read how our warm community and wonderful staff have changed athletes lives for the better.

  • Natalie Whitehead

    At 38, mentally and physically depressed, uncomfortable in my own skin, weak, and timid, I hesitantly started my journey with CrossFit 253.  Under constant guidance and encouragement from Danny and DeAnna, I started WODs twice a week.   Two days a week quickly turned to three.  My participation in the 2015 CrossFit Open, bolstered my commitment to my fitness and health.  Now, my CrossFit time is a daily commitment to myself.  Holistically, CrossFit has meant so much more to me than just being a “Gym”.  Not only has my physical appearance and capability transformed, but my diet and lifestyle have changed for the better.  My inner strength and confidence are beyond what I ever thought they could be.  I am resilient!! This inner strength has been tested with life changing events.  My CrossFit 253 family has supported me along that stony path. Words can’t express, the blessings and friendships that have poured from my CrossFit 253 family.  I am so fortunate to have them in my life.

  • Mary Dodsworth

    Why am I a member of Crossfit 253?    I love feeling strong!  I appreciate the wisdom and enthusiasm of the trainers.  I love working out with people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.  I love the support, comradery, friendly competition and sense of community that is created each day.  I love tracking my workouts and seeing improvement.  I love cheering on others as they improve, grow stronger and become more confident!   I always say, in life, you get what you give.  But at Crossfit 253… you get a lot more!  At the age of 53, and one of the oldest members in the gym, I love beating the times, weights or reps of the babies!

  • Tawny Halvorson Dotson

    I have really enjoyed getting to know folks at this gym. It’s small and gives me a chance for the attention I need to learn how to make CrossFit work for me. Big shout out to Danny who patiently pushes me as my coach.

  • Jason Gebert

    My kids (6 and 10) work out here and LOVE it. XFit days are their favorite. Getting kids that age to love working out is a feat in itself. The owner is awesome. The trainers are awesome. The place is just awesome.

  • Alex Merino

    Our home away from home. Danny, Deanna, Todd, and the entire crew are amazing! We travel to Lakewood from California three times per year to visit our folks, and we make sure we train with CrossFit 253! The community continues to welcome us with open arms.


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