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Macros–Is this for you? (Part 2)

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Who should try a Macro approach?

There are a few example athletes that I think would benefit from using a Macro approach to their nutrition.

The “I’ve Plateaued” athlete

By just showing up and doing the WOD for the first year, you made great gains.  You didn’t need to worry about what you were eating, and you were still losing weight and getting stronger.  You eventually made some adjustments to your diet, and you continued to make improvements.  But now you feel like you are regressing and not making the same gains that you once did.  Following a Macro approach to your diet will help you get unstuck!

The “I’m getting stronger, but the weight is coming off” athlete

Similiar to the “I’ve Plateaued” athlete, you can see great gains in the gym.  Your strength is off the charts.  You ran your best mile in 15 years.  You just PR’d your Fran time. But you feel you are still carrying too much body fat.  Macros can help!

Who should NOT try Macros?

Using a Macro approach to your diet is not without its challenges.   It is not a hard process, but it requires another level of dedication.  Here are a few thoughts on who will be challenged using Macros.

Someone who eats out all the time

So for breakfast, you can’t decide between the Spinach and Feta Egg wrap or the Gluten-free Bacon and Egg sandwich.   (Those are both good for you, right?)  For lunch, you prefer the wrap-free, no rice, Chipotle chicken bowl over the teriyaki, no sauce, dump the rice for steamed veggies.  And for dinner, you always go for the healthy menu,  grilling your meat, skipping the bun, and veggies over the sweet potato fries.  All good!  Not impossible to follow a macro diet–but very challenging.  As we will get into (eventually), exact quantities are essential.  Know the preparation style is critical.  These are macro necessities you’re sacrificing with eating out all the time.  (More on this later)

Someone who doesn’t track their WODs

So you don’t track your WODs, then macros might not be your cup of joe.  A macro approach to your diet requires active participation, a passive approach to your fitness and diet will not work.

You’re still at Nutrition 101

If you have been coming to the box for two weeks, or you think a carb is what controls the gasoline in your car, you might be better slowing down and waiting a bit. Maintain that habit of coming to the gym, clean up your nutrition and attack this Macro thing after about six months of good habits.

You still want to give it a try, swing for the fences and do your best.  We are here to help.

NEXT UP–Macro Math, Rules, Tips, and a Method that works!